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My Background

        Clinical              Therapist
   Light Healer

I am an experienced Integrative Clinical Therapist, Coach and Energetic facilitator of Reiki Healing and a number of other energetic light modalities. 

Registered member of the BACP (MBACP); and abiding with BACP's ethical code of practice and conduct.

Completed my post-graduate Level 7 Counselling and Coaching qualification at the University of East London in 2019.


Coming from a corporate legal background and merging both disciplines has been  a success.

I hold a clean and up to date CRB certificate and have provided years of service as a therapist both to an Employment Assistance Program (EAP) and the NHS.



2019-23:  Varied Light based Energy Mastery

2019:  PG (Dip) Counselling and Coaching

2017:  Certificate in CBT

2017:  Level 2 Certificate in Reiki Healing

2015:  Level 1 Certificate in Reiki Healing

2001:  Certificate in Gaia Healing

2001:  PG (Dip) Legal Systems 2000: LLB Hons


Int'l EAP:    Counselling/Coaching employees of major UK                                               companies.

NHS:            All age groups, mid-complex cases incl anxiety, depression,                        grief 

Place 2 Be:  A nationwide organisation providing counselling services                           to children in UK schools). 

The Mix:     A remote counselling service for people aged 10-25 with                            various needs.

Since 2015: Reiki Healing on a self employed basis to anyone.

Since 2019:  Healing and teaching Sekhem 1 to Teacher level

My Journey 

Whoever said that ‘we must be willing to let go of the life that we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us’ is wise!

I spent a significant part of my life dedicated to a law career which I eventually gave up to focus on therapy. I started out by learning about esoteric teachings, crystal healing and chakra balancing, then became trained in Giaia healing followed by Reiki. 5 years later I became a Reiki level 2 healer.

Somewhere along this journey, as a hobby, my Pure Loving Care brand of organic body lotions and soaps were launched with names like SheaRose, Coco grease and cakey lips. The lightbulb moment came when I realised that -  it’s all connected- the mind, body and spirit. 

​A greater focus on my counselling career began after I took a major decision to remove myself from a disempowering situation. By then, I’d lost sense of my direction and was stuck in the status quo! It was in this loss that I returned to healing and training as a therapist.

I am so excited about where I am today and would love to gift to you the highest level of support. You will only pay for my time and not the actual gift, support or knowledge any shared.

      Lessons           Learnt

                 I'd like to share some other lessons learnt :

·        No one can make you happy. That is your responsibility.

·        Healthy Boundaries are important

·        The heart has enough space to heal, grow and love again!

·        Forgiveness makes room for wisdom

·        Monitor your sense of sovereignty.

·        Both death and birth are natural processes.

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