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My Background

Therapist ~ Healer

I am an experienced Counselling Therapist specialising in Integrative Counselling, CBT and Coaching.


I am also a Master and Teacher of Sekhem and Reiki Healing. 


I completed my post-graduate education at the University of East London, United Kingdom in 2019.


Prior to this, I studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a CBT College in London, UK.


I am currently a registered member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I abide by their ethical code of practice and conduct.


I am able to work with young and vulnerable people with a clean and up to date CRB certificate.



2019:  Trained Sekhem Teacher & Master 

2019:  PG (Dip) Counselling and Coaching

2017:  Certificate in CBT

2017:  Level 2 Certificate in Reiki Healing

2015:  Level 1 Certificate in Reiki Healing

2001:  Certificate in Gaia Healing

2001:  PG (Dip) Legal Systems 2000: LLB Hons

                      WORKING WITH PEOPLE

I have trained with and provided counselling services to the following organisations

NHS: all age groups, mainly anxiety and depression related work.

Place 2 Be ( A nationwide organisation providing counselling services to children in UK schools). 

The Mix:  a remote counselling service for people aged 10-25 with various needs.

Since 2015: Reiki Healing on a self employed basis to anyone.

Since 2019: Healing and teaching Sekhem 1 to Teacher level

Journey to Therapy


My last 20 years was dedicated mainly to my law career when I eventually came to the realization that my heart was elsewhere.  I started out by learning about esoteric teachings, crystal healing and chakra balancing, then became trained in Giaia healing followed by Reiki. 5 years later I became a Reiki level 2 healer. This is my Lineage: Mikao Usui- Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata-Phyllis Lei Furumoto - Marta Gety - Vivien Candlish - Margaret Northway - Lesley Carol - Maya Ris - Liz Volney.

Somewhere along this journey, as a hobby, my Pure Loving Care brand of organic body lotions and soaps were launched with names like SheaRose, Coco grease and cakey lips. The lightbulb moment came when I realised that -  it’s all connected- the mind, body and spirit. 

Greater focus on my counselling career began after I took a major decision to remove myself from a disempowering situation. By then, I’d lost sense of my direction and stuck in the status quo! It was in this loss that I returned to healing, I was led to Sekhem due to its history and connection with Egypt. I became a Master & Teacher of Sekhem in 2019. My lineage is connected to Helen Belot. 

I am so excited about where I am today and would love to gift to you all that I know. You only pay for the time and not the actual knowledge.


My experiences in life remain my most respected teachers and my most valued  lesson is that I own my narrative!

Lessons Learnt

I'd like to share some other lessons learnt :

  • The only person responsible for you is you! A hard pill to swallow, but once you digest it, it will make a lot a sense.

  • No one can make you happy. That is your responsibility.

  • Once you love and respect yourself enough, you will automatically receive the same energy from others.

  • The heart has enough space to heal and grow!

  • Forgiveness is key.

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