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Chakras and Auras are both energy systems that we all carry, (but each having a different function and located in different parts of the body. It is this energy system that connects to the oneness. While the Chakras we will talk about are found within the body, the Aura is like circles of varying colours always expanding around the body.

The flow of energy between the Chakras and aura is continuous. Energy passes through the chakras into your aura and onto the outside world, and from the outside world back through your auric layers to and through your chakras to your body. This energy exchange is what gives you that psychic sense of your surroundings and is directly affected by your thoughts, emotions, health, and state of mind. Thus, a chakras and aura can get damaged, and one must put effort into balancing and repair.

A total of 22 Chakras have been identified and some believe that there might be more. However, I will talk about 7 popular chakras below:

- The first Chakra is called the root Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine (perineum, pelvic plexus). It is called the Muladhara in Sanskrit. The colour associated with the base chakra is red!

- The second Chakra is called the Sacral Chakra. It is located above the root but below the navel. It is called the Svandisthana in Sanskrit. The colour associated with the Sacral chakra is Orange!

- The third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus. It is located just behind and slightly above the navel. It is called the Manipura in Sanskrit. The colour associated with the Solar Plexus chakra is yellow. Think of the sun!

- The fourth Chakra is called the heart Chakra. It is located just behind the sternum, level with the heart. It is called Anahata in Sanskrit. The colour associated with the heart chakra is Green!

- The fifth Chakra is the throat Chakra. It is located behind the well of the throat, pharyngeal plexus. It is called Visuddhi in Sanskrit. The colour associated with the throat chakra is Blue!

- The sixth Chakra is the brow Chakra or third eye. It is located behind the space between the eyebrow mid - brain at the medulla and prneat plexuses. It is called Ajna in Sanskrit. The colour associated with this chakra is Indigo!

- The seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra. It is located at the top of the head/ crown of the head. It is called Sahasrara in Sanskrit. The colour associated with this chakra is Violet or white!

The Aura:

Your aura means the layers around your body and can be seen in various colours.

- The first starts with a red layer called the enteric layer.

- The second is an orange layer called the emotional layer.

- The third is a yellow layer called the mental layer.

- The fourth is a green layer called the causal layer.

- The firth is a blue layer called the atomic layer.

- The sixth is an indigo layer called the intuitive layer.

- The seventh is a violet layer called the cosmic layer.

With trained eyes, you can see your or someone else’s dominant aura. The dominant aura is an indication of persona, interests, gifts and levels of energy of a person.

Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, over competitiveness, confidence, rigidity may indicate whether a person’s chakra is balanced or imbalanced. Treatments to bring a chakra into balance could involve, music therapy, counselling, use of crystals, Reiki or Sekhem healing. Although similar methods could be used for aura healing, but working on an aura is more intense and require other methods.

A simple method of soothing your chakra is to touch that area and wear a co-ordinating colour or eat food of that colour.

For assistance with you may reach me on the contact information at Liz

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Clinical evidence has proven that Reiki works! In a specific clinical research, the case studies proved showed that there was strong evidence that Reiki was responsible for positive biological responses both in humans and animals.

Reiki is now approved for use in many hospitals and hospices both in the USA and UK. There has been no research done on Sekhem to date, but as it is a stronger modality, no doubt if the results would be astounding!

Both Reiki and Sekhem are safe and natural healing methods, using hands only, connecting to the physical and non physical aspect of self. Suitable for all. including children, adults, pregnant, sick and healthy people, on premises, plants and animals.

The word Sekhem means Power of Powers. The word Reiki is a combination of 2 words. Put simply, Reiki is the guided flow of life force energy. Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is "life force energy" .

Reiki was received and first practiced in Japan then the knowledge and practice spread in USA, whereas, Sekhem was received in Egypt and then taught and practiced globally.

Although Reiki is more popular than Sekhem, Sekhem is much older and only was rediscovered many years after the end of Egyptian Dynasty. The Egyptians had the knowledge and practiced Sekhem. Whereas, Mikao Usai received Reiki knowledge in the late 1800s and since then Reiki has been in use.

Sekhem energy is pure unconditional love, drawn from the limitless sea of pure living light energy. It is a very high vibrational frequency and when received, it will feel different, stronger and act in quicker disbursement of energy within the body,

simultaneously working on all levels of your being. Reiki is also pure and unconditional love energy but draws from the universe to support and heal our energy systems in order to achieve a higher vibrational energy, in a gentle manner, so you may need lots more sessions.

Both Reiki and Sekhem are drawn from a higher source of light energy and practitioners are trained to provide either or both.

In order to activate Reiki or Sekhem, the healer will use energy received from source (ie light) together with symbology, which is sacred, pure, filled with love and light.

Both Reiki and Sekhem are healing systems of light energy, which is applied, using the hands and mind only to help and support you. There is no religion attached to healing, just pure love and light coming from our universe.

Sekhem incorporates a few aspects of Reiki because as we are one, light is one too even if different angles are used. They are bound to have some similarity.

Both could be received either in person or by distant healing. Distant healing is highly effective because energy moves and can be directed. Therefore, the same principle applies to a client who requests the distant healing.

How do I know which one is right for me? For those who are intuitive, I would say go with what attracts you. For those who are inquisitive, please give a call and we can have a chat. From that point, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog and that it was helpful enough, of course, this is only a summary. I experience so much joy in supporting clients and I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of helping you.

Wishing you well, Liz

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Some years ago, it was almost every person's dream to work from home, while those who stayed back in the office considered it a luxury. I remember some scenes as if it was yesterday, where some debated, begged or negotiated their way through to working from home.

Today, a number of articles are suggesting a rise in depression amongst those working from home. Just pondering on this, I could see some reasons why. For starters, there's the dynamics at home. Work provided an escape to many. At home, your work colleagues are unable to share a coffee, compliment or gossip.

In reality, many are working harder and longer (save for furloughed staff) because they are now bogged down on their computers in a room with little or no interaction and working at ungodly hours, because there's no one to remind them that the office is now closed! There's the sinister part to this too, where staff tend to want to prove themselves in order to save their jobs.

In my experience of working at the office, I really enjoyed dressing up, making the 1 hour journey to work and interacting with so many people, even if that sometimes meant sandwiching my way between commuters. Oh, and while i have noticed that I can save money from not buying makeup and new work clothes, I find that well there's the boring joggers and the rough looking hair that gets a quick brush if there's a Zoom meeting.

If you have children, this adds another layer to the issue. The responsibility never ends if you are at home. They may not understand why they need to be quiet or stop disturbing you. That in itself could be extremely frustrating when you want to get your job done. Oh and get this, while you could have ignored things because you are out for 7 or more hours, suddenly you notice the stain on the carpet and the dust on the TV and might want to do something about it!

At the office, I think that there's some kind of self discipline when it comes to snacking. You wouldn't want to be considered a greedy so on so, but there's no limit at home! You can eat your way thorough the cupboards and restock before the kids come home.

How's that for mental health? Mindfulness plays a key role if we are to be strong in all this.

- Being mindful of the gradual changes in your behaviour, your thoughts and actions is a good place to start.

- Taking 15 minute breaks just to breath some fresh air helps too.

- Doing some breathing exercises helps rejuvenate the mind and body. Start by slowing down your breathing. Count each breath as you visualise the air coming in through your nose and spreading slowly in vivid colours through your body. Wriggle your fingers and toes. Repeat this 5 times. On the last occasion, hold your breath and visualise it filling up your brain and washing away tension.Repeat this as often as you need it

Being present also helps us to accept reality. The reality is that life has changed and will continue to change. Embracing those changes from a self-loving standpoint helps us to adjust. It won't be easy, but caring for your mental health makes a difference to our daily lives and interractions.

I am Liz Volney, a Counselling Therapist, Coach, Reiki and Sekhem healer. You may reach me at or on my IG page, therapyandhealer.

Take care of yourself.

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