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This Clinical Counselling service is a talking therapy, which provides a safe and supportive space which will help you to to explore your personal journey, whether past or present, to help you work through personal challenges or traumas.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, separation, work, or disappointment, this service can help you to identify, explore, and work through life's challenges.

Through Counselling, you may discover things about yourself and leave with nuggets of wisdom that has always been inside of you, thus supporting meaningful and lasting changes in your life.
This Coaching service helps you to plan, set goals, and organise yourself to achieve your desired future - whether it be in your career, personal life, family or wealth development. It helps you to pace yourself and make the changes necessary to reach your desired outcomes.

You will be guided and supported though a series of 8 sessions. All of which are done remotely. By the end of your coaching sessions, you would have had clarity about when, where and how it will be done!
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a solution-focused, short-term therapy that focuses on actively changing thoughts and behaviours in order to improve mood and overall wellbeing. Through active participation, CBT helps people identify and challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours to bring about quick and lasting changes. CBT is effective in helping people learn new skills to manage difficult situations and thoughts, enabling them to make lasting changes in their thinking and behaviour.

Sessions are remote and will last up to 45 minutes.
Therapyandhealer provides light healing services for those struggling with low energy, confusion, stuckness, feeling lost, anxiety and depression. The style and approach is unique and considers all of you- ie body, mind and soul.

We are energy and so is our environment. If we can take time out to work out what we give compared to what we get, that may support where we are going. Come try out an energetic therapy which combines Reiki and other combined light therapies.

The goal is to bring about meaningful change in people's lives and to help them feel better and move forward.

Therapyandhealer committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients by providing them with the tools they need to heal and to cope with their current situation and will offer only tailored services to meet the needs of each individual.
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Welcome to Therapy&Healer – the perfect place for integrative counselling and one to one personal consultancy coaching! This approach offers a unique combination of counselling, coaching, and healing.

A similar approach has been trialled at a top UK University's psychology department, leaving amazing results.  My one-of-a-kind approach to counselling supports the client who wants to see and feel the results of their commitment.

This service will be bespoke as I do not operate a one hat fits all service.  Think 'what do I need to create a shift!' Through this approach, you are able to better equipped to address the wider variety of challenges.
The Personal Consultancy package offers  prepaid and pre-booked sessions at locations convenient to you.  This covers training, support, counselling, back to work assistance, work place team building. This is perfect for business owners wanting to supporting staff, business owners wanting to improve themselves or work relationships, team co-operatiom, start-ups or busy people who prefer a one to one service. 
In this package you will get
- 6 one hour sessions
- Personal assessment
- mentoring service
- coaching services and support
- group support (where applicable)
- counselling services and support
- remote or one to one sessions
- distant or in person healing (on request)
- free check ups after end of sessions 
- Service valid for 1 year extensions at additional costs                                                                     
All my products are hand made with organic ingredients and with utmost respect to mother Earth during preparation.

The most beautiful thing about our products is that they are made from 100% love and care, passing the same good vibes to the user!!  
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