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​Life can get the best of us sometimes and on some occasions, we feel stuck. With a little help, we can continue living the life that we prefer. My job is to help you, to help yourself. I will walk with you on your journey, strengthening and supporting you. This journey of recovery and empowerment  will help you  gain insight and make changes to  existing patterns and conflicts, improve self-knowledge, motivation and health.
Please select your preferred service when booking : Walking, Remote or face to face therapy all available to suit your needs. Sessions will last up to 1 hour.
Coaching is a method whereby the client is assisted in reaching their goals. As a coach, I will examine your motives by use of various methods including the SMART system to enable and empower you to investigate your own ideas.  I will support you in creating an achievable an goal. I will challenge you and provide additional support if as you make progress.
Service available both to individuals and businesses on a face to face basis or remote service. Sessions will last up to 1 hour.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) examines your behaviour and the way that you think. It is a solution-based therapy. We will work together aiming to confront the issue. This will involve some practical/written exercises and possibly homework. CBT has been proven to be an effective short-term solution. If practiced enough, the results can be long lasting change.
Face to face or remote service available to suit your needs. Sessions will last up to 1 hour.
There are times when, despite making all the effort, we just cannot see or feel any progress and we just do not know what’s wrong! All we know is that life never used to be that way and we feel heavy, lost, confused, lazy, sad, compromised, even restless. 
YOU are energy- your breath, feelings, relationships and environment, all energy. As an attuned, Reiki and Sekhem healer, I am trained to help you change your life.  By receiving repeated doses of positive energy, you will notice the difference.
Services available for face to face and remote healing, both of which are equally effective. Please book your preferred service. Sessions will last up to 1 hour.
This is a uniquely  beautiful package where you get a little of everything as a complete packaged therapy. You can either  do the choosing or allow me to assess your case.
Services available within the Integrative offer are coaching, counselling and energy healing. 
This is one of the most popular offers. 

Face to face or remote service is available to suit your needs. Sessions will last up to 1 hour.
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