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                                                      SEKHEM LEVEL 1 Training & Attunement Course




This course is your first step towards becoming a Sekhem healer. Your course will cover:

•    History of Sekhem – path & lineage
•    Sekhem and Symbolism 
•    Practicing with symbols
•    How to create your Sacred Space
•    About energy, its power and influence 
•    How to Ground, cleanse and protect self 
•    Sekhem level 1 Attunement 
•    Learning how to connect to the energy
•    Sekhem healing procedure 
•    Sekhem 1 Certificate on completion


You will be introduced to working with energy and in particular how this strong energy can be so impactful in your life and that of others.  As such, combining  with level 2 would only be recommended for those who come from other healing backgrounds.

Sekhem Level 1 initiation increases your energetic vibration as symbols are placed in your energetic field; thus dissolving lower vibrational energies that you are ready to release.  Please book  for a 2 hour duration.

Rest assured that this process is powerfully cleansing and that your energetic structure will be upgraded on completion. Therefore, for the next few weeks, you may feel tired, unwell, compelled to making life changes or immediately energised. This means that as unwanted energies clear, space is being made for higher vibrational energies. It’s all part of the process. 









                                                        SEKHEM LEVEL 2 Training & Attunement Course


On this course, you will have a deeper understanding of Sekhem healing. The attunement will further open your energetic channels and your energetic vibration will increase.


We will cover and discuss:
•    Level 2 Manual
•    Exercise clearing Energetic Space 
•    Practicing how to scan the energy body
•    Demonstration of symbols for level 2
•    Drawing and effective use of Symbols
•    Level 2 Attunement 
•    Hands on and distance healing practice
•    How to flow Sekhem energy
•    How to use Sekhem energy to heal self/others

•    Case studies assignment
•    Certificate on completion of assignment 

During your session, level 2 symbols will be placed within your energetic field. This process is powerfully cleansing, your energetic structure will be upgraded on more than level 1 and for the next few weeks, you may feel tired, unwell, compelled to making life changes or immediately energised.  Your light energy will begin shining brighter and your intuition kicks in to work in your most desired way. 

Please note that levels 1 & 2 initiations work on making room (by doing lots of clearing) for the amazingness of light energy that you will receive on completion and even more when you move to the next levels of Sekhem. These energetic shifts speed up healing and opens you up to your potential and consciousness.  Please book  for a 3 hour duration.

Case studies are important because it is a great way to practice, to observe self, thoughts and behaviours in the process. It is an effective way to assess where you might need support and to also notice your strengths. That way whatever future support that I provide will be more meaningful to you.









 SEKHEM ADVANCE Training & Attunement L.3 Course


At Advance level, you would have been introduced to a deeper aspect of Sekhem. On receiving the attunement, you will be equipped with the tools that you need to make positive changes  to self in a much deeper capacity than at levels 1 & 2. The vibrational frequencies of symbols introduced to you will be much more powerful, thus your energetic field becomes stronger. 

We will cover:
•    Contents of Advanced Manual
•    Self-Regulation, ethics and integrity
•    Symbolism and Practice
•    Connecting with energy of symbols
•    Attunement to Sekhem Advance symbols
•    Practice Initiation  
•    Discussion of various modalities of healing
•    Business Coaching
•    Case study assignment
•    Certificate on completion of assignment


Getting to Master level means that you have taken on a great responsibility within the universe. Therefore, self improvement, personal development and self care are key. Self-care includes maintaining healthy and balanced use of your time, energy and companionships are also important which will help you become a higher version of yourself. Being a higher version of self I.e. being your true self is essential in helping others heal and find their own truth.

Your attunement symbols will empower you to work within multi dimensional levels without limitation while supporting your vibrational energy all at the same time. Please book  for a 4 hour duration.


                                                  SEKHEM MASTER & TEACHER Training & Attunement L 4 & 5

This is a level 4 & 5 Attunement and you will be initiated at the highest Sekhem levels. You may choose to become a Sekhem teach others or support personal, animal and earthly healing. Please book  for a 5 hour duration.


On this course, we will cover:
•    Maintaining high vibrational energy
•    Sekhem Master – teacher symbols symbol
•    Reviewing your business plan
•    Coaching session-Supporting your dream
•    Discussion of Master & Teacher Manual
•    Attunement to Master & teacher symbols
•    Practical uses of all the symbols
•    What makes a session powerful
•    Certificate on completion.


At this level your vibrational frequency is very high. You will have the ability to connect with numerous great galactic energies who can work with you moving forward which will cause energetic shifts for both yourself and clients to accelerate healing in all aspects of life and consciousness. 

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